Bug Bites

Hi folks. I was out with the family over the weekend for walk in the country. It was a warm day and we were getting absolutely devoured by mosquitos and other insects! It was far from pleasant. There is nothing worse than coming home to find a load of itchy bites all over your body. It got me thinking to similar experiences that I have has when travelling overseas. I must say that the mosquitos and other various insects can be much more aggressive in warmer climates that they are in the UK and I have come away with some horrendous bites during my various trips. Mosquitos tend to be the most common guilty party but I have also been bitten by fire ants, bed bugs(!) and even stung by a hornet! Not pleasant. Sometimes there is absolutely nothing you can do about it, but to help reduce the risk, here is a list of precautions you can take:

  • Buy a good quality insect repellant and be sure to apply it regularly, especially around the ankles and arms and at times of day when insects are more prevalent, normally in the evenings.

  • Keep covered up. This can be difficult in warmer climates as you want to try and keep cool and wear clothes conducive to this. However, if you can cover up, it is best to do so.

  • Check any room you are going to stay in before parting with any cash. Is it clean? What condition is the mattress in? Are there mosquito nets on the windows?

  • Stay away from water (rivers/lakes) at dusk. This is where mosquitos tend to be most prevalent.

Don’t forget that mosquitos are the world's most dangerous animal as a result of their ability to spread malaria. As such, you should take your insect protection very seriously when on your travels. Until next time folk.

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