Cramping My Style

So there I was on my laptop planning my next big trip to South East Asia, dreaming of the adventure, the freedom and the parties, when my rather nosey big sister, Isa, plonked herself behind my shoulder so she could see what I was up to. Ten minutes later and it’s been decided that she is coming with me on the trip, well for part of it anyway.


But this is not all! Isa has a delightful bundle of joy in the shape of 12 month old baby Flores (named so after Isa’s favourite island in Indonesia – we share the travel bug!) and she wants to bring her with us!  I know, crazy huh? Several heart palpitations and exclamations of horror later, I actually warmed to the idea.  What really sold me was the idea, illustrated imaginatively by Isa, of all the attention, free dinners and care we would receive from the locals, not to mention all the extra friends we would make. 


Now, despite some of my earlier posts perhaps alluding to the fact that I have some mature tastes (I’m thinking about my static caravan post in particular), I actually do love to party and let my hair down when I’m travelling and baby Flores is not going to be conducive to this. So, the deal is that Isa and Flores will come out for just 2 weeks of my trip and they will be well equipped with all the mama and baby gadgets that one needs for the most stress free travel with an infant!  I suggested hiring and bringing a nanny but was admonished by Isa for not having any adventurous spirit and for generally being a wuss! Check back in to see how this most unconventional of trips pans out! Bye for now.