Ok so as I said last time my next trip’s plans have had to change a little due to the fact I am not travelling solo this time, I will have my sister in tow and her 12 month old baby, Flores. Now for the trip itself we are still arguing about destinations. The Americas is probably too long a flight, so we are thinking either Europe or Northern Africa, but the most promising of ideas yet is a road trip around the UK, so much to look at. We both would like to see the UK more and would be easier to solve any problems that should arise if Flores gets ill, for instance. That is for another day though as we are in no rush to decide on that (which is good, because we rarely decide on the same thing, EVER!). We are great friends as well as sisters (or there would be no way I would agree to this trip), but we can have a habit of wanting different things, so should make for an interesting holiday!


In all honesty I am looking forward for a bit of sister time and also the chance to bond a bit with my niece, as I don’t see them as much as I should. ANYWAY!!!


How to Help with Flores??


I asked her what it would be like for us both having to care for the baby practically all the time, and I asked her about what it was like trying to get Flores asleep and if she was a good sleeper etc. because that could cause some problems at times, be it with us or other people. I can be a bit of a grump if I don’t get enough sleep, either an afternoon nap or enough sleep at night, so this subject is quite important for me.




She said she has no problem getting Flores to sleep as long as there is quiet and she rocks her to sleep, which can be quite tiring for Isa, but she did mention a “Mamaroo”, something her friend had and one day she was there with Flores, she put her in that and she was out for the count for a few hours… Just the thing we need if we want to have a chat without having to tend to the child all the time.  I said that if we decide on the UK road trip, then we could easily fit it inside the car and we could use it whenever. Taking it abroad would be much trickier. She said that she had thought about buying a Mamaroo ever since but just hadn’t got round to it. I’ve got a bit of money spare so I even said I would chip in to the cost, but I had no idea how expensive these things are. Stuff to do with babies and all that jazz usually isn’t particularly cheap. Plus it’s Flores’ birthday coming up soon, so it’s a handy birthday present and useful for my sister as well.


So my mission is now to source a Mamaroo (oh how my life has changed in the last few weeks, I’m normally looking for bargain Ray Bans or something else that single people without children look for), where should I get one from, what in fact are they? Well like I suspected, checking out the Babies’R’us website these bad boys are quite expensive. What do they do that makes them so expensive? Well they bounce up and down and also go side to side, imitating the actions of a parent and thus (hopefully) sending the baby to sleep whilst saving the parent a bit of time and of course energy.  Quite an ingenious contraption and the reviews across the Internet seem to place these things in high regard. They can even be controlled by an app on the iPhone, how good is that?? I’m starting to be really impressed by these things, it’s just a case of finding something we can both afford.


Used Mamaroo


The task is now to find a Mamaroo that is not too old and in good shape. I thought about placing an ad in the local paper but thought I could save some time with doing the shopping online. So I did a search for “used Mamaroo for sale” and in the search results there was a great site with some very good bargains. We have the Mamaroo on order now and should arrive within a day or two, and even if we don’t go to the UK, it’s just useful for her to have it, as my sister plans on making her family larger fairly soon. For those of you interested in the site that I found the Mamaroo here it is. Have a look, I reckon you will be impressed. I even managed to find a nice pair of authentic Ray Bans on the site too, which arrived yesterday, so I’m very happy indeed!!