Hey guys… I would like my first entry into my blog to be about a place that I hold very dear to my heart; Melbourne, Australia. I first went to Melbourne around 8 years ago and instantly fell in love with the place, so much so I ended up staying there for nearly 6 months. I found a job working in a bar on the River Yarra and absolutely loved it. I lived in a room on Flinders Street, near the station and could around Melbourne and the neighbouring suburbs easily. My favourites were St. Kilda and Fitzroy and Brunswick. They are really cool neighbourhoods with amazing coffee (the Melbourne public take their coffee very seriously indeed) and really great food. I love tennis and was in Melbourne during January, which is the time of the Australian Open. Was a bit of a dream of mine to see it live and I was very lucky to have a friend who could get some very good seats.


I found the city itself (the centre is quite small, it’s the surrounding neighbourhoods that make Melbourne so large) to be very warm and welcoming. There are so many cool bars that you wouldn’t know were there if you didn’t know a local or had been there before. I fell in love with the social scene there, it is one of the big reasons I want to eventually settle there.


In St. Kilda you have a nearby beach that is only 20 minutes tram from the city, so Melbourne really does have it all covered. If you ever go to Australia, make sure you pay a visit to my favourite city!