Motorhome Gadgets

Motorhome Gadgets

My Uncle purchased a nice second-hand motorhome a few months back and we managed to get a few trips to seaside before the weather started changing for the worst. Me being a bit of a gadget freak, I always like to take a long a few gizmos that help to make the trip a little bit easier. My job involves working on a laptop and as I’ve had quite a bit of work on in recent times, a holiday away didn’t just mean kicking back for a week or two soaking up the rays, I’ve had to take my work with me. That’s why it’s important that I still stay connected no matter where I am in the country as an internet connection and phone signal is integral for me to do my job. The last thing I want is no signal or a poor intermittent connection.



MiFi or Smartphone Tethering

This is where some kind of MiFi device comes in pretty handy, preferably that supports 4G but 3G should be fine if you just want to stay connected for facebook etc and keep in touch with the family back home. There are alternatives, most smartphones these days have built-in tethering capabilities so all you need to do is activate the WiFi hotspot on your phone and you’ll be able to pick up the connection via your laptop. Fortunately, the places that I’ve travelled to in the motorhome, I’ve been able to pick up a 4G connection from my HTC phone and that’s been good enough to do my work but in the past it hasn’t been the case and I have really struggled to get my work done.



Being Creative

When we used to go away in the caravan, I used to have an old MiFi device which I could then place on the roof for example where the signal was at its strongest. This is definitely a better idea than leaving your expensive phone lying around outside for anyone to steal. I used to just cover it in a thin plastic bag in case it rained. Hope this article was useful, happy holidays!