Motorhome Stuff in the UK

Motorhome Stuff in the UK!


I’ve always loved motorhomes. My parents had one when I was a child and I was lucky enough to be taken all over the United Kingdom. People don’t appreciate when they are young just how amazing this country of ours is, and the older I get the more beautiful it gets. I always used to think Wales was a bit boring when I was a kid, like there was not much to do, but going back as an adult you get the right impression; that it is a stunning and very peaceful country, definitely a consideration for a retirement location!


Renting a Motorhome


With my knowledge of the UK I feel I can pass on advice about where to go and also about the purchasing of a motorhome. If you are considering it then you should just go for it, you won’t regret it! There is always the option of renting a motorhome however, and sites like can help you with those decisions. Be warned though, they are usually not cheap to rent (or to buy), for just a basic motorhome you will be looking at around £500 per week, so if you are going somewhere for two weeks or more, and with camping charges, that could get quite expensive very quickly! A lot of the quotes you get will not include options for insurance and other things, including bed clothes, so just make sure you read everything clearly if you are deciding to go down this path.  Some of the camping in the UK is not particularly cheap, so just be wary of that. Just because you are camping does not always mean you won’t be spending any money. Plus points for renting a motorhome come in the form of the support from the companies. If you breakdown anywhere (and that is a big possibility), then the breakdown cover is usually very good, and will cover you in all of the UK and even Europe in Ireland, should those be your destinations of choice.


Purchasing Used Motorhomes


Another option for a motorhome, and it is a bit of an investment, is to look into buying a used one. Again this does not come without any risks; with any vehicle make sure you have someone to look over it who you trust and knows what they are looking for. If you have to pay a mechanic to look at it then you should consider it. Motorhomes can be prone to breakdowns if you do not maintain and look after them properly, but with a bit of sweet love and know-how, they will be loyal servants and faithful companions. Good manufacturers to look out for are Swift, Elddis and if you are looking at something with a bit more luxury, then check out RS Motorhomes. They are based in Yorkshire and are a great family-owned business, who make some really special motorhomes! Now once you have decided on a particular manufacturer or model, and if your budget doesn’t allow and brand new one (like most peoples) then check out some second-hand sites for some great bargains. My recent site of choice for looking at any potential motorhome bargains, is this one You can find a lot of different models from all across the UK, so chances are there is something that is not too far from you. The last thing you want to do is have to go to Northern Scotland to look at a motorhome, if you live in Devon, but it just may be worth it if you can find the right one.


New Motorhomes


Now the other option is to buy a new motorhome. These bad boys do not come cheap so you need to have a fair bit of wonga to get a good one. You are talking around £30K for good new motorhome, and a hell of a lot more if you want something higher-end. If you have a friend or two that is interested in a motorhome then you could possibly look into sharing the cost. Just make sure you are good friends because I have seen instances where this kind of thing can get a bit ugly, like if something goes wrong and there is a dispute as to who has to sort it out. Make sure you have a very long warranty if you’re buying new. At least 5 years I would suggest and if they aren’t offering those kinds of terms then I would be inclined to think “why”. These days you can find some truly amazing motorhomes, and one day I plan to have a real luxury one, but until that day comes I shall enjoy my fathers Elddis and continue to holiday around the UK, Ireland and Europe in it.