My Favourite Rivers

My Favourite Rivers

I love water, being around it helps me to relax. Sitting by a river watching the sunset or sunrise, has to be one of my favourite things in the world. There’s just something so tranquil about it and that’s why whenever me and my partner go on our mini travel, we always head somewhere where there’s a nice river, a lake or the Ocean. I love rivers most of all as they cut straight through communities and you can often see lots of activity as the village communities go about their daily routine.

There’s many rivers I haven’t been fortunate to visit yet but that are definitely on my bucket list. Alaska and the Kenai river are definitely on that list. It’s more a place for sports fishing and water sports but the views look superb in the pictures.

Kenai River

Talking about rivers that are a hub of activity, the Irrawaddy river certainly falls into that category and I have thankfully been fortunate to visit Burma & witness the river first-hand. It’s almost like going back in time. You can tell that the villages are operating just like they always have and instead of relying on giant roads and big industry, there’s a much simpler approach where the river is the heart of it all. Another river that reminds me very much of this, is the Mekong. This river curves and bends all the way through South East Asia, from Tibet, via Burma, all the way through to Cambodia.

There’s many more I’ve had the privilege of seeing and many more I’d still love to see one day. Maybe I’ll share them with you another time. In the meantime, you could always let me know your favourite river?