My love affair with Hong Kong...

Hi, so I recently told you about my planned trip to Asia, well I managed to get there safe and sound and I really do have so much to tell you. I thought I would tell you bit by bit so first on the agenda is Hong Kong!

Wow, where do I start… So for those of you who have never been Hong Kong it is perhaps, or perhaps not, the perfect amalgamation of Asian and Western culture combined. As you walk around its crowded streets you get a real sense of the busy, lively culture that is Asian living. In amongst this you will find the relaxed café vibe, Michelin starred cuisine and the outdoor living seen in European cities. It really is such an eclectic mix of ideas, ambitions and tastes. Even if you are not a fan of big city life I bid you to go to Hong Kong and not be mesmerised by its spectacular nature. The sky line is a perpetual wonder, brimming with the bright lights of a thousand high rise buildings, their big shadows shimmering in the sea that surrounds this magnificent island.

Hong Kong may to some be a little hard to stomach as it becomes the personification of all that is amazing about human creation and all that is so terrible. Hong Kong really is a postcard for capitalist and consumerist society. It is human creation at its most developed, ambitious and truly terrifying.

I think for myself, Hong Kong will always remain in my heart as a place that creates wonder and excitement. I could see myself here – never board, never lonely. Maybe that would change over time? As the grass grows greener on the other side… Perhaps, for now, to save disappointment, I will keep it as a postcard.