Night Buses

Hi all. I hope you enjoyed my last blog post about walking. Although it is not strictly a travel topic, it is a form of travel and an activity that we all participate in when we are visiting and exploring foreign locations,  whether we are conscious of it or not. The topic of this short post will be quite a departure from that of walking as I am going to talk about catching the bus. A few friends of mine recently got back from a trip around South East Asia and we got comparing stories about the bus journeys we had experienced out there. They can be a little hairy to say the least at the best of times, but by far the worst and most likely to result in an accident were the night bus journeys. The roads in South East Asia are just so much more dangerous at night. Many drivers of motor, cars, trucks and buses just refuse to turn their lights on and it can turn into a game of russian roulette as to whether you will make it your destination without incident. To add to the pain, many of the economy bus companies reclined seats are designed for locals and by no means offer enough space for six foot plus westerner to enjoy an even relatively comfortable journey, some of which can be ten hours plus! My advice to everybody is to, whenever possible, stick to day buses, even if it means losing a day off your trip. Better be safe than sorry. If you absolutely must go on a night bus, check the reputation and quality of the bus company before you book and make sure you pay for the best you can afford. Take care out there people. Until next time!