Portable Hard Drives

Hi all. Just back from my trip to Myanmar. Wow! It really didn’t disappoint despite it being my second visit. It was still as mysterious sensually stimulating as it was on my first visit. I can’t stop dreaming about pagodas! Endless pagodas!

Travel Photos

As you can imagine, I brought back a ton of pagoda photos taken both with my smart phone and digital camera. I think this is a common thing with all modern travellers. With advances in technology that has enabled us take unlimited amounts of photos at the tap of a screen or button, (gone are the days of just 36 exposures on a roll of 35mm film and having to wait until you got home to get them processed) we’re less selective of what we take photos of and how many we take. I literally took thousands of photos during my month in Myanmar. And although there is now the existence of the cloud and cloud storage, i often found myself without an internet connection, so I was unable to upload. So just how did I manage all my images from both phone and camera without maxing out my memory cards? I’m sure you can guess. I had a portable hard drive with along with my laptop computer. For the serious travel blogger, both are essential items of kit on any trip or adventure. In this post I am going to run down the things to look for when choosing a suitable portable hard drive and recommend a few on the market worth looking at. But before I get too carried away with myself, let me share this excellent website with you where you can do a search for “portable hard drives” and check out the various reviews: https://www.dpreview.com/

portable hard drive 01

Assessing a Portable Hard Drive

When choosing a portable hard drive to take with me on my travels, there are six things that I look for and take into account in any given product:

  • Capacity - How many photos can it hold in terms gigabytes?

  • Performance - How quickly does it transfer data in terms of megabytes per second?

  • Protection - How rugged is the construction? Will it survive the knocks and bumps of life on the road?

  • Reliability - Does the manufacturer or brand have a reputation for producing reliable, well-built products?

  • Value - Is it value for money in comparison to other products on the market?

  • Size - Will it take up much room in my backpack?

hard drive 03

Recommended Portable Hard Drives

Here is a short list of some of the best portable hard drives on the market today:

Adata SE730 - High -capacity, fast and small enough to fit in your pocket. A real  winner for the world traveller.

Samsung Portable SSD T3 - As above but on the expensive size. Only for the truly serious travel photographer.

Transcend ESD400 1TB - Light, small and with room for one thousand gigabytes of information.

SanDisk Extreme 500 Portable SSD - Extremely high-speed data transfer with up to 480 gigabyte capacity

Toshiba Canvio Connect II - A good all-rounder for an extremely reasonable price.

But my personal favourite is the LaCie Rugged Raid. With 4 terabytes of capacity, 240 megabytes per second via USB 3.0, it is resistant to water and dust and can survive a 2 metre fall to a hard surface! Perfect for the rough and ready realities of the travel lifestyle!

hard drive 02

Purchasing a Portable Hard Drive

When it comes to purchasing a portable hard drive, I always insist on buying mine brand new as I am using them in a professional capacity. However, there is no reason why the second hand used market can’t be taken into consideration by most folk. Probably the best website to check out and compare what the second hand portable hard drive has to offer is available by clicking here: Used For Sale

I have been using this website for many years and have found it really useful for checking prices and seeing products in general are out there on the market.

Tips For Storing Photos On The Road

When travelling it’s important to download and backup your photos to your hard drive at the end of each day. Don’t let them accumulate on your phone or camera as you will quickly run out of memory. This normally happens just as the greatest photo opportunity ever reveals itself before your very eyes! Sods law. Even worse can be if your camera or phone is lost or stolen. If that isn’t bad enough on it’s own, it can become a greater nightmare if all your photos are on the stolen device and you have failed to back them up! Be diligent! And be sure to keep you hard drive somewhere secure (such as a hotel safe) to ensure it’s safety.

That’s it from me folks! Be sure to let me know what hard drive you decide on!