Publish its photos of travel on a photo book

This is what we have lost with the rise of digital photography: the physical relationship with his travel photos that you can show to his family, his friends, or review all only for fun, elsewhere than in front of a computer screen or on a digital tablet. I'm part of the generation who loved very much this moment where we are going to look for her photos and where one discovers with surprise the result...
So that was my motivation with the creation of this photo book: have a beautiful object that traces my travels !
It's very simple to create a photo book :
1) choose the theme
2) Select photos : This is the most difficult part of the work. For best results, you must choose both photos that will make well in landscape or vertical format to facilitate page layout. 400 photos from a first selection, I reduced to 250...
3)Download the software : For my part, I chose the Cewe photo book. The software is easy to download and use. For the price, it is difficult to know because it varies according to many settings to define oneself: the quality of the paper, the number of pages of the photo book, the type of coverage, etc.
4)Select the quality of the paper and the format of the album. Glossy, fine, premium, matte... There is a lot of choice, and difficult to judge the quality behind his computer screen.
5/deciding its budget : Once it has downloaded the photos, the software gives an estimate of the price, depending on the number of photos and the number of pages of the album. It is at this time that you need to judge, according to the budget of departure, if you reduces the number of photos, or if we decide to put more on every page of the album...
6/Do the layout : There are two options: use the creation wizard, which provides a predefined layout or create the album himself, from a blank layout.
7) Select the mode of payment and delivery terms.
Finally, I am impressed by the result! It looks like a real professional photo book. So, if you like have real photos, a photo book is a real good idea !
Have a good day !