Qatar Airways

Greets fellow travellers! Wherever you are in the world I hope that you are happy and having fun! I’m in the process of planning my next trip so I am literally buzzing! I’m thinking South East Asia again to go and see some of the places I haven’t yet seen, mainly Laos and Northern Vietnam. Some stunning scenery around those places.


So this time I want to talk a little bit about my favourite airline; Qatar Airways. I travel east quite a lot and always book with them. First thing they do is to be loyal to frequent flyers. They have great offers and you feel like you are getting something back after spending large sums of money. They are normally always the cheapest on the comparison sites and for what you get is usually a very good deal.


The service on Qatar Airways is always top notch. I like a drink whilst I am flying because I find it hard to sleep. I just can’t settle most of the time. The stewards are always very friendly and there are no limits on those vodka tonics J. On a lot of flights that I take, the plane is usually not at full capacity. Everyone knows how annoying it can be to sit next to someone you don’t know… Even someone you do know, haha! You can just sit back and relax, watch a movie or three and wait until landing time.


The next time you are planning a trip East, definitely check out Qatar Airways and go to their website directly, as there may be an offer that the comparison sites miss, plus I always find it better going directly to the company. They have also been name best airline of 2015!


Fly Qatar Airways!