Static Caravans

Static Caravans

Alright guys its Sophia here and I’m back for the next article on my Travel blog. Hope you’ve enjoyed the previous posts about some of my travel experiences, travelling tips I have to offer and buying/renting holiday homes.



Remember those Static Caravan Holidays?

Everyone surely has some kind of experience as a child, heading off to the English or Welsh cost during the summer holidays and renting out a big static caravan for a couple of weeks. Be it Pontins, Butlins or the one that we always used to go to, Haven, you’d be guaranteed to have a great time as kids. You’d watch the cabaret performances in the onsite club, have your picture taken with Anxious the Elephant and get up on stage to play silly games, waving around the glow sticks that you’d bought from the little shop.  

There would always be some crazy host who you’d see day-in, day-out for the next 2 weeks with a big jolly grin on his face coordinating all the fun and games. Do you remember those 4-wheeled multi-seater pedal bike things that you would drive around the site pretending you were driving a car for real? They were some great days although as you got a little older, for some reason, you’d start to say “Can I stay home instead?” because you were too old for all that now. Funny how you get even older still and then begin to regret those extra opportunities to cling-on to your childhood instead of wanting to grow up too fast.

So anyway, you’d have this big rectangle as your new temporary home. Sometimes you’d get there and everyone would be really disappointed. It was too small, wasn’t cleaned properly and the bed clothes weren’t washed. You’d then have those other times where the caravan would look amazing with lots of cool little things that the caravan the year before had lacked. Spotlessly clean, everybody had their own corner and the shower room was like the kind you’d find in a normal house.




What do Static Carvans look like these days?

Well if you want the most expensive static caravan in the UK, then you better have over £550,000 pounds to hand. That’s how much a professional couple from Warrington have spent on their seaside retreat. To put that into some kind of perspective, it’s around 3x times the price of an average UK home.

The caravan is situated in North Wales and has stunning views of the Lleyn Peninsular. The static at the exclusive Warren Holiday Park, has its own direct access to the beech via a staircase which is attached to a lovely decking area where they can look with splendour from the elevated viewing spot. The caravan was built as an anniversary celebration by the park owners Haulfryn Holiday Homes which is where it got its name as Anniversary Lodge. The current high-flying couple occupying the static have paid £550,000 as mentioned above to lease it for 20 years.

It is kitted out with a luxurious, top of the range Italian Kitchen. There’s a huge flat screen for them to sit back and watch movies all integrated with the latest sound system technology. The advanced heating system including under-floor heating, can all be controlled via iPhone. The static has 3-bedrooms beautifully decorated. The furnishings throughout apparently being designed in Milan so there’s a real luxury feel. There’s obviously double glazing as you’d expect but its reflecting so keeps the cold out and heat in. All the bedrooms have en suite, fitted wardrobes and silk sheets. The master bedroom even has its own spa-shower and Jacuzzi en suite with a smooth marble tiling exuding class. The bi-fold doors open out to clear views of the surrounding coast line. You can check out more info on the Daily Mail website where there's an article on it. It really is a sight to behold.



But I can’t afford that!

Haha, well if you’re like me and this is a little out of your budget, don’t fear, these days you can also get some pretty good cheap deals on statics. I say cheap, as statics are pretty big as, well, they’re designed to be left static, you’re obviously getting more space than a tourer caravan so expect to pay a little more for the privilege. Although they don’t offer the same mobility but if you get one in a nice spot with good views, they’re not as cramped and feel more comfortable to live in than a tourer or camper van so are a good shout.

Check out old used static-caravan on if you want a bit of an idea on what you can buy and for what price. Might not necessarily be the best place to buy but will give you an idea. I like to travel around too much these days so statics aren’t for me at the mo but maybe when I’m a little older and less inclined to travel, a static by the seaside might be a worthy choice.