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Used Travel Accessories For Sale Online

Hello again folks! I can’t remember if I have mentioned this or not but I am currently planning a 12 month round the world trip! I know, so exciting! I can’t wait. I am going to be taking in Southeast Asia, Australia, New Zealand and South America. I am not bothering with the United States. Too many guns, crazy people and politicians for my liking. If I have enough money left over I may hop on a flight to Canada to end my trip however. But anyway, it is not coming cheap. The value of the pound has dropped post Brexit and the cost of flights, accommodation and living expenses is quite substantial. So to keep things as cheap as possible I am going to source all the things I will need for the trip from  second hand websites and classified ads. I’ve been searching for used travel accessories for sale online and found a ton of stuff that is still in perfectly usable condition for a fraction of the price of a new one. I am going to use this blog post to talk about what the essential travel accessories that I just cannot be without!


Everybody who is travelling for an extended period on a budget needs a backpack. The usual Samsonite travel cases are just not going to cut the mustard, especially if you are going to have to drag it around the planet for 12 months. It is not like you are going to indulging in taxis and in all reality, you are going to be doing a fair bit of walking with your luggage, so you need something that is going to be comfortable to carry on your back. I always try to travel as light as I possibly can with just 4 or 5 t-shirts, a couple of pairs of shorts and lightweight pair of trousers. I normally take a pair of flip flops and walking shoes also. But ultimately, I like to fit everything I take in a bag that can be checked as cabin luggage. Why? No waiting at the other end at the luggage carousel for an age that is why. You are out of door and on the bus in the tuk tuk, simples!

travel accessories backpack

Travel Pillow

An absolutely essential piece of kit for any long plane, bus or car journey. If you want to catch a few Zs it is near enough impossible to get comfortable without one. You can save yourself a whole lot of neck pain by investing a few pounds in one of these things. They are light and compact and can easily be stuffed into the side pocket of your backpack. Do not leave home without one if you are embarking on an extended journey.

travel pillow

Travel Money Belt

Travellers and backpackers will always be the target of theft and crime in many countries around the world. You really have to be aware of your surroundings and be prepared at all times. The best way to avoid becoming the victim of crime is to have nothing of value on show. Do not take any jewelry or a fancy watch. And you should totally make sure that your cash, travellers cheques, bank cards and wallet are kept securely in a travel money belt at all time when you are out and about. Thieves will not think twice about dipping their hands into your pockets to try and grab cash and valuables. A travel money wallet sits inside the waistband of your skirt, shorts or trousers and has a secure zip on it, making things extremely difficult for the potential thief to strike. These things cost very little and should be on every traveler's shopping list before setting off. If you are traveling alone, you should definitely check this post out for further safety advice:

travel money belt

A Cheap Mobile Phone

The cost of international phone calls in many countries is extremely low these days so it makes sense to have a phone with you so you can purchase a local sim card and phone home to let friends and family know how you are and tell them about your travels. But for goodness sake, do not take your expensive iPhone or Android device. You are just asking to get it stolen. Even a loss can be costly when it comes to the latest smartphones. Get a cheap, budget Nokia for calls and SMS only. If you lose it, it is not the end of the world. No self-respecting thief is going to risk his liberty by trying to steal it if it is only worth a few pound.


Check this article out to get a few more ideas of what is advisable to take with you: I will be continuing to blog while I am away to keep you up to date with my travels! Take care for now!